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  1. Frank B.

    Global Unban

    The forum has been limited to one response now.
  2. Frank B.

    global ban appeal

    If you do no get a response back then you appeal was denied. You can re appeal but that's all.
  3. Frank B.

    Role Request

    All good to go now.
  4. Frank B.

    Help Me

    You can put in another global unban appeal the same way you did the first one sir.
  5. Frank B.

    Role Request

    Please do this in the Panel & Forums Name in the discord.
  6. Frank B.

    Unban appeal

    Please submit this in the right thread at the very bottom of the forums. This is the wrong thread. Thanks for playing JusticeRP
  7. Frank B.

    Global Ban Question

    I'm gonna say its safe to say no response mean your appeal was denied. Thanks for playing JusticeRP
  8. Frank B.

    Dealership Owner/Mechanic

    Please make an application to become a verified civilian. All business are taken care of within the Civilian department.
  9. Frank B.


    Please make an appeal in the proper thread. With the proper format. Thanks for playing JusticeRP
  10. Frank B.

    Ban Question

    You will get a reply in the thread please allow the team 2-4weeks to review your appeal. Thanks for playing JusticeRP
  11. Frank B.


    You need to make an appeal in the Global Unban thread please & thank you. Thanks for playing JusticeRP