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Benjamin K's Kick Appeal

  1. In-Game Name/Steam Name: Benjamin K.
  2. Steam Link URL:
  3. Discord Name: -ben#1987
  4. Discord ID: 702919763739017256
  5. Was the punishment a warn, kick, or ban? Kick
  6. Date of Punishment: 06/05/2022
  7. Reason for Punishment: VDM
  8. Did you commit the offense that you were kicked for? No?
  9. Why do you believe the punishment should be removed? Add evidence below.
    I have no given idea why I was kicked for this on the date, and I did make an appeal about it but it was denied due to the wrong format. I was creating FIB outfits at the SAST Headquarters and even had eye witnesses and I was just randomly kicked, however, I am willing to accept the kick as it may have been from another duration of time that I did not know of. I wanted to appeal this kick because I think that I should be given another chance to have a normal trust score as I want to become a staff member on this server and I think that I should be given more chances to have a 90% trust score, and I am sorry for committing the offenses if I did do so without realizing.