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false kick

  1. In-Game Name/Steam Name: 1S-13 | F-412 | Wild R
  2. Steam Link URL:
  3. Discord Name:1S-13 | F-412 | Wild R
  4. Discord ID:828847171359997962
  5. Was the punishment a warn, kick, or ban? kick
  6. Date of Punishment: not sure maybe 2 days ago
  7. Reason for Punishment: FailRP
  8. Did you commit the offense that you were warned for? no
  9. Why do you believe the punishment should be removed? Add evidence below.
i was recruiting for BCSO and some trooper/ 3K-219 Ben pulled me over and started to come up he talked to me and i said something he told me to stop and called me a stupid idiot so i asked for his supervisor he said ill get one he got in his car turned it on and told me to shut the fuck up and left and came back and VDMed at 100mph and started to shoot me so i got mad and my clip didn't go through i found him again at human labs so i went up to him and then a lot more cops showed up and i got kicked for Failrp after he asked a staff to kick me i rejoined and saw wayne i told him and he didnt like it so he tped to him and he also yelled at wayne and a few hours later got globe banned so that why i think it was a false kick i was just trying to talk to his supervisor and did not mean to do anythinf to get kicked and i have no idea on what I did to get kicked so that's why it should be removed.