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Baitcar Suggestion - DGTF

Hi, I'm writing this suggestion today to suggest a possibility of getting a baitcar script in the server, this script would be useful for doing busts/stings for DGTF, as well as allowing SRU to give a baitcar to individual(s) who request a vehicle during a robbery. Adding this script as I'm sure you'll be able to read essentially allows an individual to put a Baitcar system on a vehicle, by doing this the person who placed it can access where the vehicle is as well as where they're traveling if they're moving. This also allows them to disable the baitcar trapping the perpetrator(s) inside the vehicle until the vehicle becomes unlocked. Link to the script is here I've had experience with this script in other servers, it works very well, there's no paid assets required, and it would be a seamless transition for LEO to use. There would however need to be a limit put on who can use the script E.G. Who in DGTF, as well as who in SRU (if anyone) this way it's not just being used by everyone every single time and becoming an overpowered experience.